General Settings

Primary DNS server (or auto assigned)
Secondary DNS server (or auto assigned)
NTP server (Network Time Protocol)

Username (Queensland)
Username (outside Queensland)
Encapsulation PPPoA + VC MUX or PPPoE + LLC
Authentication method CHAP or PAP
PVC settings (VPI/VCI) 8 / 35

Encapsulation PPPoE
Authentication method PAP
Interface type
Only required for “National” plans using FTTB/FTTN

Basic Settings

Codec 729A
SIP server Personal VoIP:
Business VoIP:
Proxy required Personal VoIP:
Business VoIP:
Incoming port 5060
Outbound proxy N/A
Outbound port Auto or N/A


Username Line ID or SIP Trunk ID as per your service details
Password Password as per your service details

Common Faults

The following is a list of common faults we encounter in troubleshooting. This may help you to identify configuration issues.

  • ALG firewall not enabled
  • NAT not passing from router to ATA device
  • UPNP not enabled on the router
  • Locked firmware on device from 3rd party VoIP provider
  • Incorrect RFC standard set i.e Voice Only, as opposed to VOIP RFC standard
  • Authentication lockout from too many incorrect attempts

Email address
Username username
Incoming mail server (IMAP or POP3)
Outgoing mail server (SMTP)
SMTP auth Not required unless roaming
Roaming Outgoing port: 587
SMTP auth: same as incoming mail server

Email address
Incoming mail server (IMAP or POP3)
Outgoing mail server (SMTP)
SMTP auth Same as incoming mail server
Roaming Outgoing port: 587

Exchange Webmail Address (often referred to as OWA)
Exchange Control Panel
POP3 incoming mail server
IMAP incoming mail server
Outgoing mail server Please use your internet providers SMTP server or use with SMTP Auth.
OntheNet customers: