Trust a local to provide fast and reliable internet.

OntheNet 20 Years of Service

You can trust OntheNet to:

  • Deliver what we offer, especially Internet speeds.
    Our core network and NBNTM CVC’s are monitored daily, to ensure there is always ample headroom above peak network demand.
  • Be 100% Australian owned, operated and managed from the Gold Coast.
    No overseas call centres here.
  • Keep our pencil sharp.
    We regularly compare our rates with other quality and speed oriented providers.

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Our most popular Personal NBNTM plans:

Fixed cost, any time data usage, credit card only and Gold Coast based support

To see our most popular Business NBNTM plans, click here.

For everyday basic usage

per month


Unlimited data

1 month contract

Home phone optional

Great for:
Web surfing
Facebook & social media

Total minimum price $128.95

For the average household

per month


2000 GB

1 month contract

Home phone optional

Great for:
Online gaming
Music streaming

Total minimum price $138.95

For the multimedia enthusiasts

per month


2000 GB

1 month contract

Home phone optional

Great for:
Uploading files
Streaming movies & TV

Total minimum price $148.95

For heavy users, gamers and streamers

per month


2000 GB

1 month contract

Home phone optional

Great for:
Content creators
Video game streamers
Downloading games

Total minimum price $158.95

Personal NBNTM Critical Information Summary
nbnTM services are available nationwide however speeds, plans and hardware options vary between locations.
^The speed is the maximum connection speed as provided by nbn co. Actual throughput speeds may be slower and will vary depending on factors such as the distance between the premises and the nbnTM node, the condition of lead-in cables and in-building wiring, the number of simultaneous users, the user’s hardware and software configuration and the source/type of content being downloaded by the user.
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