Business VoIP

No more line rentals – save $ every month
How much do you pay each month for line rental?

OntheNet Business VoIP is a SIP Trunk service which allows you to make calls over the Internet instead of the standard telephone network. There are no line rental charges.

Up to 60 simultaneous calls can be made with the standard service. We recommend that you have a dedicated internet connection for the VoIP service with enough bandwidth to support the number of simultaneous calls your business expects to make. Being experts at internet we can ensure that your internet bandwidth is scaled to suit, whether you are a small business or a multi-site business with dozens of handsets.


You will need a suitable phone system that “talks VoIP” and if you don’t have one now it’s highly likely to be cost justifiable to upgrade to one that does. Alternatively, you may wish to upgrade and replace your current PABX with a Hosted PBX which is an optional additional service to Business VoIP. Business Phone is another option suited to smaller businesses that want a simple bundled solution with unlimited standard calls in Australia, rented handsets and extensive PBX features.

Business VoIP has NO contract term and NO monthly plans that commit you to pay more than you actually use. You will only pay for the calls you make and the phone numbers you require. The OntheNet Toolbox allows you to monitor call costs online and you will also receive usage notifications via email.

Outbound CallsRate
Between OntheNet VoIP UsersFree
Local / National10c per call
13 / 130021c per call
InternationalCanada (1)$0.07/min
China (86)$0.02/min
New Zealand (64)$0.02/min
United Kingdom (44)$0.06/min
United States (1)$0.02/min
Other international ratesfrom 1c/min
Inbound CallsRate
Inbound to 1300 Number10c/min*
Inbound to 1800 Number15c/min*

No flagfall. All timed calls will be charged in per second increments.
Contact OntheNet to verify rates for any call types not listed here.
*Inbound call rates only apply to customers with a 1300 or 1800 number hosted by OntheNet. If the 1300/1800 destination number is not hosted by OntheNet additional call charges will apply as per outbound call rates above.

Special Services

Universal International Freephone0011 800Free
National Directory Assistance1223$0.88 per call
International Directory Assistance1225
Dial Before You Dig1100
Assisted Directory Search1234
Directory Assistance with Call Connect12455
Wake Up12454
Reverse Charge12550

No flagfall. Contact OntheNet to verify rates for any call types not listed here.

OntheNet can provide you with a new number from as little as 50c per month. If you need multiple numbers or you need to keep the numbers you already have, we can do that too.

You can choose a local number or an Out of Area Number. The region you choose will determine what it costs others to call you. Be aware that you may not be able to port an Out of Area Number if you decide to change providers in the future.

1300 and 1800 numbers can also be ported or supplied new. Contact our Sales Team for more information and pricing.

Changing from the standard telephone network to VoIP is an important step well before the nbn™ arrives at your premises as it will reduce complexity and pressure at that time.

There are numerous setup options for different size businesses. Don’t hesitate to ask us about your specific preferences and needs.

Give our Sales Team a call today to discuss your needs and start saving now.

Fax to email allows you to send and receive faxes without the need for a fax machine. This means you can manage faxes more efficiently while saving money on landline rental and hardware maintenance. You can also reduce the cost of paper and toner by only printing the faxes you need to. There is no cost to receive faxes and sending a fax costs no more than the phone call to send it.

How does this work? When you want to send a fax, you simply send an email with your fax attached as a PDF and our system does the rest. When you receive a fax, it gets converted to a PDF and emailed to your nominated email address as an attachment.

Critical Information Summary and Order Forms

To order Business VoIP download and complete the order form below. If you have any questions please contact our Sales Team.
pdf Critical Information Summary
pdf Order Form

Porting Authority Forms

Your Business VoIP service must be active before porting can be actioned.
pdf icon Porting Authority Form (Simple)
pdf icon Porting Authority Form (Complex)
pdf icon Porting Authority Form (1300/1800)

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Pam Eade
My husband and I had been with Optus for years. My husband organised everything however when he died in December the treatment I received from Optus was not just incompetent across multiple teams it was disgusting. Every staff member I spoke with over a 2 month period asked me to put my husband on the phone. They cut our services twice without hooking me up and at a time where I needed to be connected. I couldn't work. OTN was recommended to me. I called them, spoke to Ian and he immediately started sorting everything out. I was connected within 48 hours including the delivery of the modem. He followed up a couple of weeks later and I explained I had unrelated IT problems. He sourced advice from their IT while I was on the phone. This is the sort of service people used to receive. Customer Service without a charge, surcharge, call transfers or queues for everything. I was very impressed and appreciative of the speed of connection and service. Optus staff had to apologise to me every time I spoke to them. OTN have been faultless. Thank youread more
Jonathan Liew
Been my ISP for years. Nothing but helpful when upgrading to Business NBN. Tech support and sales we prompt and knowledgeable. The upgrade to commercial hardware and NBN connection/ installation went without a hitch. Excellent speeds and no dropouts, could not ask for more! Thanks!read more
Greg Lennon
These guys have been our ISP for over ten years. They are superb.
Karla Drummond
Most amazing experience dealing with them. Highly recommend.
Neil Alfred
Upgraded to NBN the process was very smooth and staff were helpful and kept me updated along the way. Their customer service is great and you can count on someone on the Gold coast resolving your query not like the big more
Andrea Oskars
Recently connected to NBN with Onthenet and getting great speeds. Upgraded to the archer modem and my wifi speeds are so much better then the old connection. No more pausing on netflix and white blank pages when trying to check my emails and download references for my assignments. Thank you very much for all the help!read more
Virginia Amos
Incredible So so good The people you speak to are fantastic and so very helpful They take their time to tell you all about setting your NBN up and they handle anywhere in Australiaread more
Tom Gilmartin
Always excellent customer service. I have never had a problem getting hold of their support team. Am now on FTTN NBN service and am consistently getting 87-94 Mbps down in Reedy more
Simon Ooi
Got stuffed around by Telstra to get NBN at my new home. Andrew was very helpful and got me NBN in 7 days. I had to wait for NBN installer, who arrived at 5:30 pm. NBN's scheduling is independent of OTN; they cannot control the more
Cath Murphy
Thanks OTN for helping solve a week of frustrating non-connection to NBN here in Burleigh Waters. I am very impressed with your fast response times, the personal service you offer and your dogged determination in finally getting my small business connected. I intend to stay loyal to you as a local business for many years ahead. Thank more
Kris Boveinis
An old customer returning, and glad I am. OnTheNet constantly provide a professional, prompt service with a high level of expertise and communication ability. I find their staff approachable, personal and easy to talk to about any problems I have. They facilitated the NBN change-over as professional as you can hope for and I am glad to be more
Zane Mezgec
Strong contenders to take over iiNet old crown of best customer service combined with most honest consumer practices.As sad as the loss of iiNet to TPG is, It ended up being a great thing that I could find this company!.read more
Darrell Patrawn
Their customer service is fast, and now my internet is too. Easy to deal with, highly recommend this Aussie company.
Tambuff Ruby
These guys have been great to deal with so far. Excellent customer service and competitive nbn prices. I'm one very happy more
Mags Bell
Love having NBN with these local guys. From the first phone call with Ian, to the installation, they have been so easy and efficient to deal with, unlike my previous broadband provider. Thank you for being such a great and easy company to deal with. And thank you Ian Ibarra ��read more
Forough ZF
very good customer service! very prompt in answering your calls. You guys are doing a great job! Thanks 🙂
Jen Adams
Yass! Shout out to Jamie and Andrew who are always helpful. Also a huge thumbs up to the rest of the staff there at OnTheNet who are always polite, helpful and always eager to do their jobs well. Thank you!read more
Hazel Clarke
We've been using their various services for about 20 years. Great team with the best customer service ever.
Ray Cacopardo
I have had direct involvement with OnTheNet sharing business customers as well as more recently using their service personally and they have always been excellent. Their technical capability & flexibility is hard to top and their service is more
Ian Pluis
Have been with onthenet for more than 10 years. Never had an issue with them. Great plans at great prices and always there to more
Marita Schrader
Started with OnTheNet many years ago before it was taken over by Ozemail... returned recently because the service provided by iinet was terrible.. OnTheNet are more
Sarah Dyson
Big shout out to the Tech team, especially Rowan and Justine who went out of their way to help me resolve a hosting issue that was well beyond my understanding, they were patient and helpful. I can't fault onthenet's customer more
Maxine Stephenson
Your tech support is outstanding! Thank you. I've been a customer now for a few years and I'm glad that you've remained "reachable" regardless of your more
Andrew Birner
I've had years of excellent service with OTN. I recently lost my internet connection due to a fault from a Telstra contractor, and the assistance from the support crew at OnTheNet was very impressive, professional and personal! I was back online very quickly and didn't have to deal with Telstra. Thanks again to the support crew. Tak, you've built a great local business!read more
Daniel Bilton
I'd give them 6 stars if possible.
David Walter
The absolute "Best" ISP bar none! I wholeheartedly recommend OnTheNet!
Reuben Roberts
Quite possibly the best I.P there is on the planet. Great service and follow up
Kym Jensen
Never a problem to deal with! Excellent service and great friendly staff to talk to.
Paul Demetre
Review added 8/8/17: I have now been an OntheNet customer for over 10 years and I can say without any hesitation they are what every ISP should strive to be. Their customer service is second to none and I have never felt so well looked after. Just recently we had NBN rollout in our area but due to a NBNco problem we had to wait months for our connection. The entire process was handled by OntheNet and their awesome provisioning team. Paul and the rest of the provisioning team really stepped up to make sure the process moved as quickly as possible. Being able to speak with a local team was the crucial difference as most ISPs would have had me speaking to a overseas call center. I am now the happy owner of blazing fast 100/40mbps internet which has been sensational.I can't recommend OntheNet enough, they know what customer service is and we as locals need to support companies like this. Well done team!read more
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