Business Phone

Business Phone offers a simple pricing structure to suit small businesses. The combination of unlimited standard calls, handset rental and key telephony features delivers great value. This product is based on the same technical platform and feature set as OntheNet’s Business VoIP & Hosted PBX that is successfully being used by many large businesses.

Choice of handsets

Standard, manager or cordless handset – take your pick.

Unlimited standard calls

No more unexpected big bills with all calls to standard Australian landlines & mobiles included.^

Call flow options plus!

Give your callers that concierge treatment. Call forwards, ringing groups or ringing sequences are all included.

Keep your existing phone number

Port your number over to OntheNet.*

Music and messages to suit

Have some recorded messages ready to go? Tick!

NBN compatible

No need for expensive line rentals. Business Phone includes a line for every handset.#

^Business Phone must not be used for any telemarketing, call centre or similar purposes. Click here to view call rates for all other call types.
*OntheNet does not guarantee that all numbers can be ported. Additional fees apply.
#OntheNet recommends a dedicated broadband service to segregate calls for businesses with greater than 3 handsets.
Requires a fixed line broadband internet service and Ethernet cabling to each handset or base station.

Have questions? Chat with us or contact our Sales Team on 07 5553 9222 for all the nitty gritty.

Fax to Email/Email to Fax

Need to keep a fax for those few special customers? Only $15/mth.

Call queuing

Is business booming? Handle the calls professionally and share some key messages while they wait. $10/mth.

IVR menu

Prefer for callers to self direct their calls to a specialist or team? Make it easy for your callers. $10/mth.

Numbers and more

Want new numbers, from interstate, or a 100 number range? OntheNet can handle that.

Headsets or Conference phones needed? Just ask.

Fax to Email allows you to send and receive faxes without the need for a fax machine. This means you can manage faxes more efficiently while saving money on landline rental and hardware maintenance. You can also reduce the cost of paper and toner by only printing the faxes you need to. There is no cost to receive faxes and sending a fax costs no more than the phone call to send it.

How does this work? When you want to send a fax, you simply send an email with your fax attached as a PDF and our system does the rest. When you receive a fax, it gets converted to a PDF and emailed to your nominated email address as an attachment.

Business Phone Fax to Email is an optional extra monthly rate that includes all faxes sent to standard Australian landlines. Faxes to other numbers shall attract call rates as per call rates below.

Business Phone includes unlimited calls to Australian local, national and mobile numbers. Other call rates are as follows:

Outbound CallsRate
Between OntheNet VoIP UsersFree
Local / NationalFree
13 / 130021c per call
InternationalCanada (1)$0.07/min
China (86)$0.02/min
New Zealand (64)$0.02/min
United Kingdom (44)$0.06/min
United States (1)$0.02/min
Other international ratesfrom 1c/min
Inbound CallsRate
Inbound to 1300 Number10c/min*
Inbound to 1800 Number15c/min*

No flagfall. All timed calls will be charged in per second increments.
Contact OntheNet to verify rates for any call types not listed here.
*Inbound call rates only apply to customers with a 1300 or 1800 number hosted by OntheNet. If the 1300/1800 destination number is not hosted by OntheNet additional call charges will apply as per outbound call rates above.

Special Services

Universal International Freephone0011 800Free
National Directory Assistance1223$0.88 per call
International Directory Assistance1225
Dial Before You Dig1100
Assisted Directory Search1234
Directory Assistance with Call Connect12455
Wake Up12454
Reverse Charge12550

No flagfall. Contact OntheNet to verify rates for any call types not listed here.

HD VoiceBusiness Phone services use HD Voice by default (codec G.722).
Interactive Voice Response Menu (IVR)*Automatically answers and directs calls to a specific extension, hunt group or queue.
Also known as Auto Attendant.
Queues*Have queues setup to handle incoming calls for your different departments. A queue will keep a caller on hold until your staff become available or until the defined time period expires, after which the caller is redirected as required. This feature also includes a wallboard for you to view queue activity on a daily basis.
VoicemailChoose from traditional voicemail (via the handset) or Voicemail to Email.
If Voicemail to Email is chosen any voicemail that is left by a caller will be sent as an audio file (.wav) to the nominated email address.
Music on HoldPlay music to your clients while they are on hold.
Messages on HoldPlay messages to your clients while they are on hold.
Caller ID PresentationDisplays the phone number of the person calling you.
Caller ID MaskingAll of your outgoing calls can display the same number (eg your office number) so that your clients can easily identify who is calling them. Also known as CLI Overstamping.
Caller ID BlockingHave your Caller ID set to private either per extension or system-wide.
Call ForwardForward all calls to another number/extension or choose to forward calls only when the dialled number is busy, unreachable or the call is not answered for any reason.
Call Park & PickupAbility to put a call on hold and retrieved by another agent/extension.
Call TransferAllows a call to be transferred to another number or extension with or without speaking to the person that is to receive the call.
Call HoldPlace a call on hold, for example while attending to another call.
BlacklistsA system-wide feature that blocks incoming calls from specified numbers.
Do Not DisturbSet an extension to unavailable so inbound calls are treated as if the extension is busy.
Extension DiallingUsers within your PBX can call another extension using the extension number only.
For your clients to call an extension directly without being transferred by reception a DID number (phone number) must be assigned to the extension.
Hunt GroupsCalls a group of extensions with different ring strategies available (eg all at once or sequential). Group pickup allows a call to be picked up by any extension within the hunt group. Also known as Ring Groups or Call Groups.
Three-way CallingAllows for a third party to be added to a current call.
Time of Day Routing & SchedulingDirects incoming calls differently depending on the time of day and/or day of the week.
Paging & IntercomPaging allows a user to send a one-way page to multiple extensions. Intercom allows a user to start a one-way intercom style chat with another extension, which can be enabled to be two way. When used, the receiving extension will automatically answer the call and route the audio to speakerphone.

*Features marked with an asterisk incur additional charges.

Your PBX will initially be configured according to these configuration templates, depending on the features you select. If you have other requirements please contact our Sales Team. Additional charges may apply for designing and configuring a more complex solution. Click thumbnails to view.

1. No IVR Menu or Queues

2. With IVR Menu

3. With IVR Menu and Queues

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