DNS Requirements

If OntheNet host your domain then we will make the following changes upon setup of your Hosted Exchange environment. If your DNS is hosted elsewhere, you will need to have these changes made by your DNS administrator. That may be your internet provider or it may be done by a web panel you have access to.

It is important that the following DNS changes are done for mail to work correctly.

MX Records

The following MX records are required for your domain. These settings will cause all incoming mail to be directed to our mail servers.

  • IN        MX 10        mx2.the.net.au
  • IN        MX 20       mx1.the.net.au

Autodiscover Record

For Outlook, iPhone, and Android (ActiveSync) to work correctly, the following CNAME record will be required.

  • autodiscover   IN   CNAME   autodiscoverredirect.the.net.au

Webmail Record

Although not a requirement, you may also wish to create a CNAME record for webmail.yourdomainname.com.au so it points to our server. To do so, the following will be required.

  • webmail   IN   CNAME   exchange.the.net.au

With this in place, you will be able to login to Webmail via http://webmail.yourdomainname.com.au/owa