Android Configuration

This guide shows you how to configure an Android device for Hosted Exchange.

To use ActiveSync with Android, you will require at least v 2.2 of the Android OS. As there is a such a wide range of Android phone providers with their own version of Android, OntheNet cannot support all of them. This guide describes the process for configuring Android OS 2.3.5 on a Samsung Galaxy S II but should be similar enough to other Android devices to allow a successful configuration.

1. Go to Application then Email and tap on Add Account

2. Enter your full Email address and Password. Scroll down and tap Manual Setup.


3. You will then be asked if you want to configure POP3, IMAP, or ActiveSync. Choose ActiveSync.


4. You will then be presented with a page to fill in more information. Fill in the following details and then tap Next.

  • Domain username: Enter your full email address. Remove any leading ‘/’ character.
  • Password:  Enter your password.
  • Exchange Server:
  • Tick both SSL options.


5. Once it has connected successfully, you will see the following. Click OK to continue


6. From here, you can configure your sync settings. Normally, the defaults are fine. Click Next.


7. Give the new Account a name. Tap Done and setup is complete. Please allow up to two minutes for it to begin working correctly.