Microsoft Entourage

This guide shows you how to set up Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac to work with your OntheNet email account (

1. Open Entourage, click on the Tools menu and select Accounts


2. Click New and then Mail


3. Ensure that the Account Type is set to POP and click OK


4. A new window will be displayed where you can define the settings for your account

  • Account Name: a descriptive account name eg “OntheNet Email Address” or you can simply enter your full email address.
  • Name: your full name or a business name. This will be displayed in the “From:” section of any emails you send.
  • E-mail address: your full OntheNet email address eg
  • Account ID: your OntheNet username
  • POP server:
  • Password: your OntheNet password
  • SMTP server:


5. Click OK.

6. You should see your new email address listed in the Accounts window.


7. Close the Accounts window.