Fax to Email Guide

Fax to Email allows you to send and receive faxes via email. Below are instructions for configuring your VoIP service to send and receive faxes and the how to send a fax. If you need any assistance please contact Technical Support. Fax to Email is only available with some of our VoIP products and charges may apply.

How to Send a Fax:

Sending a fax is as simple as attaching your fax to an email. All outbound faxes incur call charges as per the call rates for your service.

  1. Create a new email
  2. In the To address field enter the OntheNet fax address.
  3. Attach your fax to the email (PDF format only)
  4. The subject field and message body can be left blank as it will not be transmitted with the fax
  5. Send the email
  6. You will receive a successful or failed notification.

Note: If multiple PDF files are attached they will be sent as separate faxes.

If your fax does not send, check the error notification for the failure reason. The fax will fail if the domain you are sending from is not authorised (see below), you have attempted to send the fax to multiple fax numbers or the size of your email is larger than 50MB.

Authorised Senders:

Before you can send a fax you need to tell us the domain name/s you and your staff use for email.
eg: with the email address info@example.com the domain name is example.com.

To manage the authorised domains for your VoIP service log in to the OntheNet Toolbox.

Fax Header:

Within the OntheNet Toolbox you can customise the information that displays in the header of each fax you send. You can include a phone number and/or a company name. Please note some fax machines/services will not receive the fax header information therefore we recommend always including a cover page with your fax.

You can setup one or more of your VoIP DID numbers to receive faxes. When a fax is received OntheNet converts it to a PDF and sends it via email to your nominated email address. A number that has been setup to receive faxes will not receive phone calls.

To setup your inbound fax number:

  1. Log in to the OntheNet Toolbox and navigate to your VoIP service
  2. Click on the ‘Numbers’ tab
  3. For the number that is to receive faxes edit ‘call/fax forwarding’
  4. Select option to use the number for receiving faxes
  5. Enter the email address that is to receive faxes.

You can view all numbers configured for inbound fax on the Fax tab.