Personal Webspace

This guide gives you an overview of OntheNet Personal Webspace Service. The guide focuses on general FTP settings and guidlines of use with your personal webspace.

General Information regarding OntheNet’s Free Personal Webspace:

When purchasing an OntheNet ADSL Broadband Internet Connection we provide a Free Personal Webspace Service in which you can host a website and/or files to allow access to other users on the Internet.

This storage space is used for non-commercial websites which allows files to be hosted without requiring domain name registration or hosting services.

Each customer will be provided with 10 mb of web storage to host files. To access this web service you will require an FTP application (File Transfer Protocol) to be able to upload files to allow access from the internet. If you require an FTP application to access your personal webspace please visit the following guide here.

To access your free personal webspace please use the following details:

FTP Hostname /
Webspace Address / URL:

The above details can be obtained from your Service Details provided when your service was connected. If you no longer have your Service Details please contact Technical Support.

These details allow connection to your personal webspace where files and html documents can be altered to make changes to your website and or files hosted with us.

As soon as a HTML document / website has been uploaded to your personal webspace other users will be able to access your website from the following address:

The first/home page of your website should be called index.htm or index.html.

Please note, the servers which host the personal webspace are UNIX based systems which means files are case sensitive. For example InDex.HTmL is not the same as index.html. It is suggested to use all lowercase filenames also excluding symbols and spaces.

If you require additional hosting features like PHP, MySQL, or MS Access Database, please review our Web Hosting Products.