Personal Webspace

Personal Webspace to be Decommissioned

OntheNet will be decommissioning all remaining Personal Webspace services as of 31st December 2017.

These sites will not be accessible after 31st December 2017. If you still require the files to be hosted, you will need to move it to a new web hosting service before 31st December 2017.

What is Personal Webspace?

This was a free service provided with some OntheNet Broadband services for users to host a website and/or files to allow access to other users on the Internet.

Why is it being decommissioned?

The server that hosts the Personal Webspace is end of life and there are not enough active users to justify the resources that are required to continue providing the service. There are now many other web hosting services available that provide much greater functionality, many of which are free.

OntheNet Web Hosting Services

If you wish to continue having your site hosted by OntheNet you will need to order an OntheNet Web Hosting Service. We can assist you in migrating the existing content to the new site, however, you or your web developer will be responsible for ongoing maintenance of the site.

There are many free web hosting services available which may suit your needs. Please note that OntheNet is unable to provide any support for sites that are not hosted by OntheNet.

Further information and pricing for OntheNet Web Hosting services is available on our website here.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 5553 9222 or