Mail Forwarding

This guide shows you how to create rules for mail redirection/forwarding from one Hosted Exchange account to another.

1. Log into your Exchange Web Environment as the Tenant Administrator (the designated Admin account at the time of sign up).

This will take you into the Control Panel for your domain. If you login and see your mailbox, click on Options > See All Options. Then Click on Manage Myself > My Organisation.



2. Click on Mail Control to bring up the correct window. Click on New to create a new rule for arriving messages.


3. Create the rule as follows

  • When the message arrives, set the rule to: It was sent to. Click on Select people and choose the people for the rule to be created for.
  • Do the following, set the rule to: Redirect the message to. Click on Select people and choose the people you want the rule to redirect the mail to.
  • If you would like the original recipient to also receive the message, make sure you include them in Redirect the message to.


4. Click Save.